Finding Ways to Signal Your Instagram Photos

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How Amazon Practices Censorship

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How to Fix Mac Bluetooth Audio Issues

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Creepy AI Scrapes the Internet For You

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Brilliant Young People and Old Tech Hoarders


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How to Make Your DSLR into a Webcam


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Stop Taking Our Money Samsung


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Pining for Privacy and What to Say About Huawei


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Cyberweek, Fonus Again, and Trapped in Facebook

App Show Podcast - Dec 1

On this week’s APP SHOW video podcast it seems that CyberMonday has become CyberWeek, which will probably become CyberMonth at some point. That just means more gadget deals for longer….

The One Where Everyone Gets Hacked

APP Show Video Podcast - Nov 24 - Hackers Hack

On this week’s APP SHOW video podcast it seems like everyone is getting hacked. First, 1000s of Disney+ accounts have been compromised and are now being sold on the dark…

Tesla V10 is the Best Software Update Ever

The Tesla V10 Update is the best one yet!

Has a piece of software, an app, or firmware made you truly happy? So happy, that you have to sing? That’s exactly what the Tesla V10 software update represents. The…