On this week’s APP SHOW video podcast, and before we get to our anger around the price of the Internet, we dive deeper into Canada’s contact tracing app aspirations, and why there might be some barriers. Speaking of barriers, the NVIDIA Shield Pro is lifting the speedbumps to better streaming. Finally, John thinks the price of the Internet is too damn high. And he’s right! Get ready for all these stories and more in the July 26, 2020, edition of the APP SHOW video podcast.

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The APP Show Video Podcast – July 26, 2020

Here’s a quick overview of our featured APP Show stories.

On yesterday’s GetConnected Video Podcast, we talked to Dr. Ann Cavoukian about the privacy issues surrounding a Federal contact tracing app in Canada. Now, it appears, there could be more hurdles. Dr. Emily Seto from the University of Toronto helps us explore some additional issues surrounding its deployment in Canada.

NVIDIA, known for their graphics cards for gaming and content creation, also have a stake in the streaming device market. Their NVIDIA Shield Pro is what most would consider being a power user’s device, offering features that are not available on other devices. Could this be your next streaming box? We’ve got GetConnected contributor Ted Kritsonis in for a chat.

Last but not least, John is grumbling about the price of the Internet in Canada. Like many, the dance to renew your Internet service can end up with you seeing red. With Telus and Shaw being the only two providers in Western Canada, the lack of competition feels like no competition. That’s why we’re giving you our best tips for getting the best possible deal from these two providers.

Our hosts this week are Mike Agerbo and John Biehler. Joining us is Dr. Emily Seto from the University of Toronto, and also from Toronto is GetConnected contributor, Ted Kritsonis.

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