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Epicka Worldwide Wall Charger

International Travel Tech

John shares his must-have tech for international travel with Neetu Garcha on Global BC Noon News.

The Hubbub About Hubs

On Global News Tech Talk today, we're helping you save space with Thunderbolt 3 hubs. Build powerful workstations without overwhelming workspace clutter.

Charging Cables by Committee and Whistling for Rides

In this week's APP Show Video Podcast the EU is pushing for a single charging cable standard. We're also checking out BC's first ride-share app, Whistle!

Microsoft Sent Superman to the Phantom Zone and Red Wagon Jams Traffic

In this week's GetConnected Video Podcast Microsoft and Warner Bros send Superman to the Phanom Zone and a red wagon jams traffic.

You Can’t Block Ride-Sharing and the Weird World of ASMR

In this week's APP Show Video Podcast we find out what happens when you block Uber and Lyft. We also uncover the weird world of ASMR. It gives us tingles!
GetConnected Video Podcast - February 1, 2020

Would You Give Up Privacy For More Security?

In this week's GetConnected Video Podcast we're giving up privacy for security? Fonus creates Twitter storm. Huawei 5G networks get a nod in the UK.
Beyerdynamic Bluetooth Wireless Headset Giveaway

Win Beyerdynamic Bluetooth Headphones Valued at $1000!

Sign up for our newsletter and you can win a set of Beyerdynamic Amiron Copper Wireless Bluetooth Headphones valued at an astonishing $1000 CAD. Enter now!
2020 Dyson LightCycle Morph Launch.00_00_39_03.Still003

The Dyson Lightcycle Morph Arrives in Canada

The Dyson Lightcycle Morph was unveiled during the grand opening of their Vancouver, BC Canada store. We get a hands-on look at this unique product.

Pining for Privacy and What to Say About Huawei

In this week's APP Show Video Podcast we find the holy grail of secure phones, Canadian mobile carriers want more money, and what about Huawei?

Banks of Plastic and a Fonus Fable?

In this week's GetConnected Video Podcast a company is banking on plastic to save the world and Fonus fumbles on its promises to customers.

Duncan Stewart’s Top Three Tech Predictions of 2020

Duncan Stewart is Deloitte Canada's fortune-teller of tech. There are many areas he's responsible for analyzing, but these are his top three for 2020.

Catching up with the 3D Printing Nerd @ CES 2020

John catches up with Joel Telling & the 3D Printing Nerd crew at CES 2020