Tech Talk: CES 2022 Kicks Off

CES 2022 is finally a go on its first day. The show has been under a cloud of uncertainty but that hasn’t stopped the world from converging.

Gifts For the Picky PC Enthusiast

Shopping for a PC enthusiast on your list? We feel your pain. These ideas should give you the inspiration you need for that perfect gift!

iRobot Delivers the Perfect Roomba for Pets & Humans

iRobot makes a fantastic product for maintaining your home. It cleans under beds, couches, and furniture. But as any Roomba owner will tell you, it doesn’t deal well with a cluttered space. You do need to do a bit of prep for Roomba to do its very best job. Things like cables can leave a […]

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a Non-Fungible Token or NFT for short. But what does that even mean exactly? How can one explain it?