It’s a brand new year and that means new tech to help get the job done. Mike has some ideas from MSI that should help that creative professionals get even more productive in 2022.

The MSI Creator Z16 is built with an Intel 11th generation Core i7 processor and is matched up with an NVIDIA RTX 30 series GPU making it capable of handling up to 8K video editing duties. Coupled with a 16-inch screen and a crafted aluminum chassis, it’s powerful, but it’s also thin and light. You can find out more about it right here.

A 16-inch screen is great when you’re on the go. But if you’re stationary, it’s always nice to have a big screen to look at. MSI Modern 27-inch monitor gives you more space to work with. For those long sessions, the low blue-light and flicker-free certification can help your eyes stay fresher longer. You can find out more about it right here.

Looking for more PC laptops to check out? We’ve got more videos below on our YouTube Channel!

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