The Real Dr. Sleep and Bro Culture Ruins Everything

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On this week’s APP SHOW video podcast we have the pleasure of talking to the real Dr. Sleep, Conor Heneghan from FitBit. As the lead researcher there, Dr. Henghan’s job is to decipher the sleep data that comes from FitBit devices. If you have a FitBit, he’s responsible for all the great sleep graphs and the sleep score. We also have Dr. Alison Wynn on the show. She’s a Research Associate with the Stanford VMware Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab. We discuss her work on the effects of gender bias in the technology workplace. This and more on the December 15, 2019 edition of the APP SHOW video podcast!

This week’s hosts are Mike Agerbo, John Biehler and Graham Williams. Our special guests are Dr. Conor Heneghan from FitBit and Dr. Alison Wynn from the Stanford VMware Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab.

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