Tesla V10 is the Best Software Update Ever

The Tesla V10 Update is the best one yet!

Has a piece of software, an app, or firmware made you truly happy? So happy, that you have to sing? That’s exactly what the Tesla V10 software update represents. The V10 software update by the electric car manufacturer is one of the most feature-packed in recent memory. Mike and Graham go over the highlights and then demonstrate one of the most iconic features of this update in a Tesla Model 3. Check out the video below!

The latest update packs in a number of new updates. Most talked about is the smart summon feature that has been making the rounds in the news, but is not available in this particular Tesla Model 3 Standard Range as configured. There are also updates to the Sentry mode which turn it into a better video monitoring system by deleting older clips when storage is low on the removable USB drive. There are also other updates that are US-specific, so we’ll be sticking to updates available in Canada. Here are our favourites.

Tesla Theatre in Canada integrates YouTube, Netflix, and Tesla Tutorials into one space. While parked, you can enjoy your favourite shows, movies, and YouTube videos. And for those people that never pick up a manual, the Tesla Tutorials is a new way to learn how to take advantage of all the new features in your vehicle. This is one of Mike’s favourite features, allowing him to pass the time while the family is out shopping. And as mentioned, it only works if you are parked.

Music & Podcasts are also front and centre in the new V10 update. Immediately available are Spotify for music, and TuneIn for podcasts. Logging in to your Spotify Premium account gives you access to the streaming service, which was a major request by Mike and other Tesla owners. For podcast lovers, TuneIn’s service is available, so you can keep up to date with the GetConnected and APP Show podcasts.

A real web browser is also part of this update. A chrome based browser accompanies this update and adds new functionality and usefulness to the vehicle’s user interface. We’re pretty sure that voice commands are available, so Mike will have to watch a few Tesla Tutorial videos in the theatre to figure it out. And we recommend not engaging with this app unless parked, but you can get help from a passenger.

Tesla Arcade also gets an update in V10 with the addition of Cuphead, Studio MDHR’s popular run-and-gun action game. They are also a Canadian studio, making it more special for us in the North. For those not familiar with the game, it’s a challenging shooter title where you traverse strange worlds as you work to pay back your debt to the devil. The game has USB controller support for both single and co-op modes. This another feature best enjoyed when the car is parked in a safe place.

Car Karaoke or ‘Caraoke‘ is now available on your Tesla through the V10 software update. This literally brings the joy back into Mike’s commute. While it can work if you are driving, by answering a question on the screen that asks if you’re the passenger, we recommend that you sing only while you are parked. After seeing how much joy and happiness it brought Mike and Graham, you may see some very happy commuters in Tesla’s as the V10 software update continues to roll out.

All of the above updates do come with a note that they only work with a WiFi connection. But it turns out that, at least in Canada, all the apps, from Netflix, the web browser, to Spotify, all work with the built-in data connection in the Tesla. We’re not sure how long this will last for, but you can be sure that Mike will let us know when it stops working. If you find any other undocumented Easter Eggs in the Tesla V10 update, definitely let us know.

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