Charging Cables by Committee and Whistling for Rides


On this week’s APP SHOW video podcast we’re talking about BC’s first ride-sharing app. Before Uber and Lyft there was Whistle! with an exclamation mark. Dylan Green, the company’s founder explains how they service small communities in British Columbia including Whistler and Tofino, and how their model complements current transportation service, rather than taking business away from them. Also, the EU has decided that they want to legislate one charging cable standard for all mobile devices. This sounds like a good thing, but Apple is protesting. Will they bend to the will of the EU? This and more great tech to talk on the February 9, 2020, edition of The APP SHOW video podcast .

This week’s hosts are Mike Agerbo, John Biehler and Graham Williams. Our special guest this week is Dylan Green, the founder of the ride-share app called Whistle!.

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