In this week’s APP Show Video Podcast, we cover Uber’s new app less ride-hailing service, the new OnePlus TV from the enthusiast smartphone maker. We also check out a new Pokemon app that lets you become the very best, without having to ‘Go’ at all. This, and more, on the APP Show Video Podcast from September 1, 2019.

This week’s APP Show Video Podcast features Mike Agerbo, John Biehler and Graham Williams. Our special guest this week is Igor Bonifacic from Engadget (formerly of MobileSyrup).

In case you want to jump ahead or jump around the APP Show Video Podcast, the timecodes are below for your convenience.

02:14 – This week’s top app news features insights from Mike, John, and Graham.

11:18 – We talk about how you can hail an Uber without an app at Toronto’s Pearson Airport.

17:45 – We’re keeping the digital dream alive with a list of HOT FIVE Apps to help you go paperless.

23:27 – OnePlus TV is a bigger screen from the popular enthusiast Android smartphone manufacturer. Igor Bonifacic from Engadget tells us more.

31:40 – Graham’s game app of the week is Pokemon Masters. It’s Pokemon without having to ‘GO’ anywhere.

32:25 – John’s App of the Week is Plugshare. Find EV charging stations anywhere, on any network.

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