This week on the APP SHOW video podcast, we marvel at what a young app developer is creating in Canada, using the Apple Swift programming language. His achievements even got the attention of Apple CEO, Tim Cook. Google Maps is excellent if you’re driving, but MapinHood is made for walking. Find out how this new app will change the way you explore cities by foot. And consider this the first meeting of tech hoarders ‘not anonymous’ as we unveil some fo the things we don’t want to throw away. This and more is compressed into the May 17, 2020, edition of the APP SHOW video podcast.

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The APP Show Video Podcast – May 17, 2020

Pranav Karthik is a 13-year-old wunderkind and app developer specializing in Apple’s Swift programming language. What’s most impressive about him is his passion for teaching others how to program with it. His tutorials that help people create apps even caught the attention of Apple CEO, Tim Cook. He’s now working on an app to help students track their school work called Trackr. What were you doing when you were thirteen? Well done, Pranav!

Google Maps is an excellent resource for drivers when they travel to new areas that they’ve never driven. Just pop it on your dashboard and move like you’ve been there all your life. But for those that want to slow the pace down, or visit a new neighbourhood, MapinHood is a navigation app built for walking. The app allows users to use data crowdsourced by other users to help mark important things to people on foot. The information might include which side of the street, the sidewalk is on to highlighting where crime is high. As John remarks, it’s like Pokemon Go, but more useful. We talk to their COO and Co-Founder, Arjun Mali, about how it all works.

It’s no secret that we all love tech. But sometimes, we love it so much; we keep it far beyond it’s best before date. Mike, John and Graham share their stories about tech that they’ve somehow forgotten to recycle. And speaking of forgotten, Kristina Stoyanova makes her triumphant comeback with her streaming show of the week.

Connected by the power of technology and apps, Mike Agerbo, John Biehler, and Graham Williams bring you another great episode. Very special thanks to Pranav Karthik, our young app developer, and Arjun Mali from MapinHood, for being our guests this week. And returning from paradise is Kristina Stoyanova with our streaming pick of the week.

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