Sonos and IKEA Get Moving with New Speakers

Global TV Tech Talk - November 4, 2019

In our Monday Global News Tech Talk segment today, Mike chats with Sonia about Google’s acquisition of FitBit. We also touch on the launch of Apple TV+ in Canada, and how recent device buyers might get to sample the service for a limited time. For our product show and tell, we’ve got a whole lot of Sonos speakers. A new portable one from Sonos, and some that they partnered with IKEA to produce.

Here’s a rundown of all the products featured on Global News Tech Talk for Monday, November 4, 2019.

The Sonos Move Smart Speaker is about the size of a large keg or watermelon. And unlike the company’s previous offerings, it’s their first portable smart speaker. Because of it’s size, it’s not something you really want to throw in your backpack and take with you. However, it does . The Sonos Move Smart Speaker retails for $499 CAD and is available on Amazon and other participating retailers.

Ikea has made a very interesting move into the smart speaker market, and they didn’t do it alone. Through a partnership with Sonos, the new Symfonisk line from Ikea features new form factors that integrate more easily with your home decor. In turn, the Sonos partnership also allows easy integration with your existing Sonos smart speakers. We check out two of their signature products.

The Ikea Symfonisk bookshelf WiFi speaker is a compact bookshelf speaker that can be paired with another to provide stereo sound. Different mounting options allow it to hang on the wall, integrate with some of Ikea’s existing racks and furnishings with optional mounts, and that even includes it becoming a functional shelf for smaller items. It retails for $149 CAD per speaker and only comes in black at the moment.

The Ikea Symfonisk Table Lamp With WiFi Speaker is part of that home decor integration we spoke of. By combining Sonos technology with the company’s designs, this table lamp gets all the latest features that regular Sonos speakers get as well. Like the bookshelf speaker, you can buy two and pair them for a stereo experience. You will have to supply your own E12 light bulb, which is not your standard socket size. And while this is the coolest looking speaker, because it doesn’t look like one at all, it will set you back $249 CAD.

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