Day: November 4, 2019

The APP Show - Nov 10 - Plex and MasterCard

Plex Rules Your Media and Password-Free Online Shopping

In this week's APP Show Video Podcast, MasterCard is eliminating online shopping passwords. We also talk to Plex about their powerful streaming software.

Space and Money Saving Home Office Gadgets

On the Wednesday Global News Tech Talk, we get connected with products that save us space and money. From EcoTank printers to space-saving Samsung monitors.
GetConnected Video Podcast - Nov 9

Lasers Hack Smart Speakers. Getting Hosed on Cryptocurrency.

In this week's GetConnected Video Podcast lasers hack smart speakers, another cryptocurrency exchange locks out users, and Apple apps are still spying.

First Responder Technologies – Detecting Threats With WiFi

WiFi connects us. We do business, message friends and access entertainment. First Responder Technologies wants to use it to save lives and here's how.

Amazon’s Smartest Gadgets and a ‘Brilliant’ Way to Integrate Them

On the Wednesday edition of Global News Tech Talk, we unleash a delivery truck full of Amazon Echo smart devices. And to integrate it all, we're showing off Brilliant Smart Controls.
APP SHOW Podcast - Nov 3 - Sell Old Clothes for Cash and Cheaper Smartphone Plans for Canada

Cashing in on Fashion and Cheaper Smartphone Plans for Canada

The APP Show Video Podcast is making and saving money. We're selling clothes through an app & hoping for 25% off phone plans.
Global TV Tech Talk - November 4, 2019

Sonos and IKEA Get Moving with New Speakers

On the Monday edition of Global News Tech Talk, Ikea and Sonos get together and have some cool new smart speakers that will fit your decor better than ever.
Global News Tech Talk - Oct 30 2019

Family Gadgets for Fitness and Entertainment

On the Wednesday Global BC Tech Talk, we feature fitness gadgets for the whole family including ones from FitBit and Huawei.
The APP Show Video Podcast - Oct 27 2019

Creatives Creating on Apple iPads and Decoding Intel’s Latest Processors

The APP Show Video Podcast gets creative. We see a gifted artist create on an iPad. And Intel's latest CPUs get decoded for creators.
GetConnected Video Podcast - October 26, 2019

Scary Alexa Skills, Earthquakes, and Vacuum Robots

This week the GetConnected Video Podcast covers new Google gear, new Volvo electric cars, and an easier way to set up your smart home with Brilliant.

A Wearable Wednesday With Tile, Samsung, and Focals by North

It's a wearable Wednesday on Global News Tech Talk. We've got Samsung's latest smartwatch, custom fit smartglasses & we show you how to find them with Tile.
wireless home network security

A Guide to Basic Wireless Home Network Security

Our guide to basic wireless home network security will help you keep all the data shared on your home network safe from hackers.
Brilliant Smart Home Control

A ‘Brilliant’ Way to Setup a Smart Home

Easily setup smart home products? Let anyone in your home use it, without a smart phone or app? We've got a 'Brilliant' product for you to check out!
APP SHOW - Oct 20 - Podcast

School Surveillance and Does Netflix Ruin Everything?

The APP Show Video Podcast gets heated we discuss the issues of facial recognition and surveillance in schools. And does Netflix ruin everything?
Global TV Tech Talk - Monday, October 21, 2019

Bluetooth Headphones, Samsung Fingerprint Security Issues, and Volvo Goes Electric

On this week's Monday Global Tech Talk, we talk Bluetooth headsets, Samsung's fingerprint security issues, and cover Volvo's first fully electric vehicle.
GetConnected Video Podcast - Oct 19

Made by Google, Volvo Electrifies, and Brilliant Smart Homes

This week the GetConnected Video Podcast covers new Google gear, new Volvo electric cars, and an easier way to set up your smart home with Brilliant.

The Volvo XC40 Recharge EV SUV has Android OS Inside

The Volvo XC40 Recharge represents the company's focus on electrificaiton. It's also one of the first vehicles to feature Android OS inside.
The Tesla V10 Update is the best one yet!

Tesla V10 is the Best Software Update Ever

Tesla's latest V10 is the company's most feature packed software update to date. It's so good, it will make you sing again.
Global News Tech Talk - 7th Generation iPad and More

A New Apple iPad and a Cornucopia of Accessories

On this week's tech talk on Global News, we're talking about Apple's latest 7th generation iPad, and all the accessories you'll need!
The APP SHOW Video Podcast - Oct 13 - Podcast - Tesla Karaoke

Tesla Karaoke (Again), MacOS Catalina, and Science Apps Galore

In this week's APP Show Video Podcast, Mike is very enthused by Tesla's karaoke app, we dive into MacOS Catalina, and science apps invade our top five.
GetConnected Video Podcast - October 12, 2019

Tech for Seniors, the Robot Apocalypse, and Lost Gadget Prevention with Tile

In this week's GetConnected Video Podcast we cover tech for seniors, the robot apocalypse, and Tile's new solutions for preventing lost gadgets.
Global News Tech Talk - Fitness Gadgets

Getting Fitter with the Latest Health Gadgets

On this week's tech talk on Global Noon Hour News, we talk about health gadgets. From the latest FitBits to shiatsu massagers!
New Tile Trackers Unveiled

New Tile Trackers Unleashed on Missing Gadgets

Tile has unleashed new Bluetooth trackers on the war against lost gadgets. We get all the latest updates from the company.
Global BC Morning News - Oct 7, 2019

Microsoft’s Dual Screen Devices and Dyson’s new Robot Vacuum

In this week’s GetConnected Tech Talk on Global BC morning news, Mike was up
GC Podcast - Oct 5 - A Case for 8K TVs, Our First Mailbag, and the Red Planet

A Case for 8K TVs, Our First Mailbag, and the Red Planet

In this week's GetConnected Video Podcast, we're opening up the mailbag and answering some questions. We're also talking 8K TVs, and the red planet!

WeWork Woes, the End of Consoles, Tesla Karaoke, and More!

In this week's APP Show Video Podcast, we do car karoke with Tesla's new update, unpack the WeWork controversy, and consider the future of game consoles.
APP SHOW Podcast - Sept 29 - McDonalds Hiring on Alexa and Snapchat, Apps that Teach and MORE!

McDonalds Hiring Employees On Alexa, Apps That Teach And MORE!

In this week's APP Show Video Podcast, find out how McDonalds is using tech like Alexa and Snapchat to hire new employees.
GC Podcast - Sept 28 - A Dump Truck Full of Amazon Products and More

A Dump Truck Full of Amazon Products and More!

It’s a very Amazon edition of the GetConnected Video Podcast. We’re weighing in on

Latest Ways to Accessorize Your AirPods & iPhone 11

Protect and accessorize your AirPods, use them on an airplane and new cases for your iPhone 11
APP SHOW Podcast - Sept 22 - Google Rumors, Huawei Without the Play Store and More

Google Rumors, Huawei Without the Play Store and More!

We’re back with the APP SHOW video podcast for September 22, 2019. In this
GetConnected Video Podcast - Sept 28

Stolen Tesla Chargers, Making Friends With Alexa, and More

In this week’s GetConnected Video Podcast, Mike gets his Tesla charger stolen from the

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

Power Rangers Battle for the Grid pulls from 25 years of history into this new PC fighting game.

Home Arcade Gaming Options

This week on Global BC Noon News, John brought on some videogame controllers to
The APP SHOW for September 9, 2019

Cord-Cutters, Chinese Smart Speakers, and more!

In this week’s APP Show Video Podcast, we talk about finally cutting the cord.

Smarter Home Security

This week we featured a number of products to increase your home security. The
Apple Special Edition of the GetConnected Video Podcast

A Very Apple Podcast, Plus Robot Cats from Germany

In this special early edition of the GetConnected Video Podcast, we’re opening our wallets

Gears of War 5 – Can Xbox Get out an Exclusive Hit?

Can xbox get out a hit with its latest release in the Gears of War franchise?

HP 14″ Chromebook & News

John discusses with Sonia the latest Facebook breach, deepfakes affecting companies & a new HP Chromebook
The GetConnected Video Podcast for September 7, 2019

Nerdy Kitchen Robots, Canadian Politics & More

In our latest GetConnected Video Podcast, we’re covering nerdy kitchen technology that helps you
The APP Show Video Podcast - Sept 1 2019

App-Less Ubers, a OnePlus TV & Pokemon ‘Stay’?

In this week’s APP Show Video Podcast, we cover Uber’s new app less ride-hailing

Tech Talk: Podcasting 101

John shares with Sonia the Rodecaster Pro Podcast Production Studio and the Rode NT1-A microphones

Back to School tech, Telus Email Outage & More

The video podcast of our weekly GetConnected radio show
The APP Show Video Podcast - Aug 25

Disney+, Privacy, and Alexa Echo Auto

In this week’s inaugural APP Show Video Podcast, we checked out some great apps
The GetConnected Video Podcast - Aug 24

Makers, SDR & Back to School Gadgets

In this weekend’s inaugural GetConnected Video Podcast, we covered a whole range of things.

Unpacking the Latest from Samsung

During Samsung’s annual ‘Unpacked’ event, which took place in Brooklyn, New York, the company
scooters at global tv

Two New Electric Scooters

Mike and Sonia try out some new electric scooters.

Tech Talk: High tech gadgets for back to school

Mike Agerbo shares the latest from Apple for Back to School including MacBook Air

Two New 3D Printers

Mike & John share the latest 3D printers from Monoprice and Delta, BC based Tinkerine

Focals By North : Next Generation Smart Glasses

The future is here - Notifications from your phone, right in front of your eye, that only you can see in a pair of glasses. They are called Focals by Canadian company, North.

Wireless Earbud Showdown

On this week's Tech Talk on the GlobalTV Noon News, Mike Agerbo compares four different sets of wireless (bluetooth) earbuds.