A New Apple iPad and a Cornucopia of Accessories

Global News Tech Talk - 7th Generation iPad and More

On this week’s Global News Tech Talk, Mike talks to Jennifer Palma about all the latest 7th generation Apple iPad. And to go with that brand new iPad is a glorious cornucopia of brand new accessories, from Apple and from Belkin. Warm-up those wallets now!

Here’s a rundown of all the product featured on this week’s show.

The 7th generation Apple iPad features the A10 Fusion chip and a 10.2″ Retina display, with a 10 hr estimated battery life. New features courtesy of the latest iOS 13 continues to support multitasking and has the ability to mount network shares and USB drives. Support for keyboards and stylus position the iPad to take a chunk out of the cheap laptop market, giving it long sought after productivity capabilities. Pricing starts at $429 CAD for the base wifi model with 32GBs. A 128GB version is also available for $599 CAD.

The new Apple iPad Smart Keyboard is a long sought after first-party accessory that many 3rd parties have filled the need for in the past. Apple’s take on the device is an acknowledgement that users are expecting more of their iPads from a productivity perspective. The iPads Smart Keyboard retails for $219 CAD and connects via the magnetic connector on the 7th generation iPad.

The Apple iPad Pencil is an accessory that enhances that productivity experience, adding the ability to take notes. However, the iPad pencil’s greatest feature is the ability to turn this latest iPad into a serious creativity tool for artists. The Apple iPad pencil is available for $129 CAD.

To keep showing off the entertainment consumption capabilities, Apple has recently announced the arrival of Apple Arcade in Canada. Compatible with iPads and iPhones, this service is $5.99 CAD a month and gives you direct access to a growing library of games that truly push the hardware to its limits. These titles are also full versions, meaning you won’t have to keep paying to play as you do in many of the FREE games in the Apple App Store.

With a new iPad comes new aftermarket accessories. Belkin has answered the call with a new 18W USB-C wall charger that retails for $50 CAD and a 30W USB-C car charger that is available for $60 CAD. Both chargers are fast chargers and is capable of taking your Apple iOS devices up to 50% charge in 30 minutes. Cables are included, so you are assured of a good experience when you plugin. When away from a plug and a car, the new Boost Charge Power Bank 5K features a native lightning connector, a 5000mAh battery, and a price point of $50 CAD.

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