On this week’s GetConnected Video Podcast, we’re touching on some cool new gadgets, including our thoughts on the new ‘affordable’ Apple iPhone SE 2020 edition. We’re also taking time to explore the lack of technology democratization and the effect it has on vulnerable people that are unable to adapt to the rapid pace of change from seniors to pockets of society that lack access or knowledge. With the current reality, technology is the glue that is binding us together but is also leaving these vulnerable groups out. Join us for another great discussion on the April 18, 2020 edition of the GetConnected Video Podcast.

GetConnected Video Podcast – April 18, 2020

Our guest, Vicki McLeod, was inspired and concerned when her 80-year-old mother asked her what a URL was. A seemingly ridiculous question to the majority of people today, but this isn’t an isolated case. It’s what lead her to write the book ‘You and the Internet of Things: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Integrating the IoT into Your Daily Life.’ In this episode of the GetConnected video podcast, we dive in deep into why this lack of tech literacy and access could lead to social issues down the road. And as we look towards technology to help us adapt to the current reality, it’s evident that those that cannot change will have a challenging time continuing to work from home or even stay connected.

Working from home are Mike Agerbo , AJ Vickery and John Biehler. And thank you very much to our very special guest, Vicki McLeod. You can find out more about her book and how to find a copy of it right here.

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