On this week’s GetConnected Video Podcast, we’re uncovering what those strings of lights are in the night sky, and why astronomers aren’t happy. In other news, one Canadian pet food company is offering online therapy for pet parents and pets. This and more on the April 25, 2020 edition of the GetConnected Video Podcast.

GetConnected Video Podcast – April 25, 2020

Have you wondered what those strings of lights moving across the night sky are? Starlink is a division of SpaceX, and they plan to put upwards of 40,000 of these into low earth orbit. The purpose is to cover the planet with high-speed Internet. Unfortunately, that has astronomers steaming as the launches will continue to cover the earth in more tiny satellites. Do they have a point? We’ve got our friend, Mr. Peter Vogel, to help us understand.

Like many businesses, Open Farm Pet Food feels the impact of the current crisis. The company manufactures premium pet foods that sell throughout Canada and the US. Despite the constraints of the current reality, their mission to do good for pets, the planet, and the community remains unwavering. Animals are a vital part of the mental health and well being of so many Canadians and their communities. With that in mind, the company has partnered with BetterHelp to provide a full month of virtual therapy for pet parents and their pets. We talk to Jaqueline Prehorgan, co-founder of Open Farm Inc., to find out more about this partnership.

Working hard to bring you this show, from their home studios, are Mike Agerbo and John Biehler. Special thanks to Peter Vogel and Jaqueline Prehorgan from Open Farm Inc. for being our guests this week. Mr. Vogel’s visit was before the release of social distancing guidelines in the province of British Columbia. We adhere strictly to those guidelines for the production of this show.

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