Banks of Plastic and a Fonus Fable?

On this week’s GetConnected Video Podcast, we learn about the mission of the Plastic Bank, an organization that uses social plastic as a tool to help lift people out of poverty in third world and developing countries. With Ocean plastic and poverty being global issues their model is a clever way to tackle both. Some other tech for good, we find out about Quips, an app that is helping ALS sufferers find their voice again in a most ingenious way. And Ted Kritsonis reports on his experience with the Theragun G3 Pro percussive massager.

Finally, we revisit Fonus, the global mobile carrier that has promised a $30 US global roaming plan with unlimited data, voice and text. Unfortunately, they have been having problems delivering on their promises. This and more on the January 25, 2020 edition of the GetConnected Video Podcast .

This week’s hosts are Mike Agerbo and John Biehler. Special guests are Shaun Frankson from the Plastic Bank, Igor Bonifacic from Engadget, and Ted Kritsonis our contributor from Toronto.

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