Leave it to Samsung to pre-empt an entire Consumer Electronics Show to do their own event. Samsung Unpacked just happened, and that means the NEW Galaxy S21 series is now official. There will be three new models in this series, including the Galaxy S21, the Galaxy S21+ and the top-end Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Mike and John try to “unpack” all the details for these three new smartphones and what it means for Samsung going forward:

Starting from the bottom up, the Galaxy S21 features a dynamic AMOLED 6.2-Inch display. It’s a 120hz for a smooth scrolling display. One huge improvement over last year’s design is the camera bump. Samsung has made it more flush, and the contour follows the body better to minimize the bump. The next version of Single Take, version 2.0, is now on board, featuring improvements on scene relighting, best moment, highlight reel, and dynamic slow-motion.

Other creative features include a director’s view, which gives you multi-angle camera views simultaneously. This is augmented by the Vlogger view, which records front and rear cameras simultaneously. Live thumbnails (seamless live picture in picture) and Enhanced portrait mode with AI are also onboard. Space Zoom returns with up to 30x digital enhanced zoom. The 8K video feature still allows you to snap video and stills simultaneously, and the Unlimited Super Steady Video feature makes your video look like it’s on a gimbal.

The cameras setup:

The Galaxy S21 has a 4000 mAh battery and will come in matte finishes of phantom violet, phantom pink, phantom grey, phantom white.

The Galaxy S21+ has all the same features except for a larger 6.7-inch display and a larger 4800 mAh battery. Colour options are phantom violet, phantom pink, phantom grey, phantom white.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra gives you everything the S21 has, the upgrades of the S21+, but get the additional following enhancements.

The camera bump on the Galaxy S21 Ultra now has a Laser AF system for autofocus with a 12MP Ultra Wide f2.2, 108 MP Wide f1.8, 10MP Telephoto f4.9, 10MP Telephoto f2.4, and there is also 12 bit HDR in a PRO mode. 4K video is available across all lenses @ 60fps.

The Space Zoom is 100x and uses the Dual Telephoto lenses on the camera bump. It has the best night mode of any Samsung to date.

Taking a page out of the Note Series, the S21 Ultra will have access to the S Pen with Wacom technology. When you buy the Ultra Case option, it will include it. We wonder if this is the beginning of the end for the Note series?

Samsung will also partner with car manufacturers to make the Galaxy S21 Ultra unlock your car with a digital key. This could make car-sharing within a family a lot easier. The Galaxy S21 Ultra will have full Samsung Smart Things Integration for your smart home, and it will also have WiFi 6E onboard, even though your router probably doesn’t have it. Yet. Do check out the Asus ROG Rapture, though. That’s one amazing WiFi 6E router.

It’ll come in phantom black and phantom silver.

The S21 series of smartphones will be available on January 29th.

The S21 5G will retail for $1129.99 (128gb) and $1199.99 (256gb). The S21+ will cost $1,399.99 (128gb) and $1,469.99 (256gb in Phantom Black only).

The S21 Ultra 5G will be $1,649.99 (128gb), $1,719.99 (Phantom Black in 256gb), and $1,889.99 (Phantom Black in 512gb).

And that was a LOT to unpack! What are your thoughts on the new Samsung Galaxy S21 series? Is your head still spinning from all the specs and features? Join the conversation in the comments below!

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