New Tile Trackers Unleashed on Missing Gadgets

New Tile Trackers Unveiled

Do you occasionally lose or misplace things? Have you ever put your smartphone or remote control down, only to find it days later, or not at all? Then you might be interested in what Tile has to offer. The leader in Bluetooth tracking devices has just unveiled a new range of tracking devices for all your gadgets, bags, bikes, and even pets. We check in with Tile’s global senior comms manager, Jade Castro, for the scoop on all their latest product announcements in the video below.

Here’s a quick summary of all the features of the new Tile trackers.

The Tile Mate – Their most popular product returns with increased range of up 200 ft range. The form factor remains the same along with the reinforced keyhole. The battery should last about 1 year and is user-replaceable. A single Tile Mate retails for $29.99 CAD.

The Tile Pro – The Pro now increased range of up to 400 ft and continues to be the toughest and loudest Tile in the line. The new version also has a new matte finish, available in black or white, and the battery lasts for 1 year and is user-replaceable. It sells for $39.99 CAD for a single Tile Pro.

The Tile Slim – The Slim gets a new form factor, which more resembles that of a credit card, and similar in thickness to key cards one would use to access a secure office. Users felt that the original square form factor left some really weird indents in wallets, so the new shape addresses this. The all-black colour now hides marks from it being in the crevices of your purses and wallets. It’s also louder with new speaker placement. The battery lasts for 3-years and is waterproof. Each Tile Slim sells for $34.99 CAD.

The Tile Sticker – The most interesting product of this release is the new Sticker. Built around the battery, it’s about the size of a quarter. The range is 150 ft, battery life is 3 years, and it’s also waterproof. The 3M adhesive is engineered to stick to whatever you place it on but can be removed. Replacement adhesive are available for additional cost. This product is extremely useful for things that don’t work so well with the other tiles, like remote controls, skateboards, and even turtles. The Tile Sticker comes in packs of two that sell for $49.99 CAD.

While the range of these devices continues to improve, what happens when you get out of range? Jade told us about the ability of your Tile to access the community whenever your device gets out of range. Once your device is marked lost, the community steps in to help and notifies you when it is found.

Also mentioned by Jade is the Tile Premium service, which takes care of a number of things including FREE yearly battery replacements on compatible products, and a 3-year warranty upgrade on all registered devices. There’s a FREE 30-day trial, then it’s $29.99 US a year or $2.99 US a month.

For more information on Tile’s new products and their Premium service, check out their website. Their new products are available at Amazon, London Drugs, Best Buy, and Canadian Tire in Canada.

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