Practical Tech Gifts for the Holidays


We want everyone to give gifts that will get used and loved. That’s why on Global News Tech Talk this today, we focused on gifts that are on the practical side. Mike and Sonia discuss gifts that can really bring value to the special person on your wish list. For this segment, you’ll see products featured from Square, Vessi Footwear, Ring, and Alcatel.

Here’s the rundown for all these super practical tech gifts featured on Global News Tech Talk for Monday, December 16, 2019.

The Ring Indoor Camera is practical because it brings much-needed peace of mind for any homeowner. This indoor security camera connects via WiFi and is powered by a standard wall outlet. Once you set it up on the app with a strong password, you’ll have an HD view of the interior of your home whenever and wherever you want. The camera is small so you can install more than one easily, and have views of every space in your home. If you own an Amazon Echo Show, cameras can also be viewed through those screens too by asking Alexa. Not only are the Ring Indoor Cameras practical, but they are also affordable at $79.99 CAD each.

We’re huge fans of Vancouver based Vessi Footwear and their waterproof sneakers. The company tightly controls its manufacturing through Taiwan, which has allowed them to quickly respond to customer feedback, resulting in a better quality product, and a more eco-friendly process. The signature features of the shoes are their lightweight packable nature, perfect for travel, and their 100% waterproof design, which is great for the wet weather of Vancouver. Most importantly, the knit design provides all-day comfort. They are available in men and women’s styles and retail for around $135 CAD. They are sold exclusively online with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

For the budding entrepreneur on your list, the Square Terminal gives them the power to start putting money in the bank. The self-contained device is Square’s most compact all-in-one solution. You’ll have access to tap, swipe, with debit and credit support, and there’s no need to attach a separate receipt printer as there’s one already built-in. Just take the terminal to your customer, instead of having them come to you. It even supports thermal paper receipts, so you can print one for your customers if they prefer a hard copy. The Square Terminal retails for $499 CAD. Fees do apply for use.

Not everyone can afford a $1000 smartphone. That’s why devices like the Alcatel 3V are so compelling. The company has a pedigree manufacturing for BlackBerry and is owned by Chinese television manufacturing giant TCL, so you know there’s some great technology packed into this device. Running on an Android OS, the device has access to the entire Google app library. It features a 6.7″ screen, dual-rear cameras and a front-facing camera, a 4000mAh battery for all-day battery life, and an Octa-Core processor for great performance. You get 32GBs of storage onboard, which can be combined with another 32GBs of storage via an optional MicroSD card. The Alcatel 3V retails for only $249 CAD and would be a welcome gift for anyone that desperately needs a new device. In fact, we’re giving one away right now.

Do you have any practical gift ideas to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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