Which Boxing Week Tech Deals are Worth a Look?


It’s Boxing Week in Canada and we’ve brought a number of deals to Global News Tech Talk today. Our hosts, Mike and Sarah, discuss a range of tech that is worthy of the remainder of your holiday budgets. Featuring offers on a number of things from gaming systems like the Nintendo Switch to discounts on new records to add to that vinyl collection.

Here’s the rundown for all these great Boxing Day offers as featured on Global News Tech Talk for Friday, December 27, 2019.

The Nintendo Switch Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Bundle is on for $399 CAD and is a great way to get into the Switch ecosystem. You get the system, dock, controllers, and a game to get you started. A regular base Nintendo Switch sells for $399 CAD without a game and they are typically difficult to get with any sort of discount.

The next deal is an exclusive Sony PS4 Bundle which is now available for $299 CAD. This bundle is normally offered at $379 CAD and includes a 1TB edition of the system and three full games. They include Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition, The Last of Us Remastered, and God of War. If you ever wanted to jump into the PS4 ecosystem, this is the way to go.

It’s not all fun and games on Boxing Day. The Thinkware F200D Dashcam Bundle is also on for $149 CAD. It features a front 1080p camera and a rear 720p camera. Installation is fairly simple with regular tools and patience, and you gain the safety and convenience of having a silent witness in your car. This can save you hundreds in deductibles as the footage is proof that you weren’t at fault. At a regular price of $249 CAD, it’s a significant discount on a system from one of Korea’s top dashcam brands.

The Roku Premiere 4K is an easy way to make any TV smarter. It offers playback support up to 4K and all your favourite streaming services in one device including Netflix, Amazon Video, Disney+, HBO, CBS, and more. Plus, access a number of free channels and shows including our very own GetConnected TV. The device is on for $44.99 CAD (reg $49.99 CAD). While that doesn’t seem like a huge discount at retail, you will be eligible for a number of special offers worth more than the device once you get it setup.

The last thing we wanted to tell you about is for all those audiophiles out there. If you weren’t aware, London Drugs has gone heavy into vinyl and they are putting a number of titles on sale including Queen Night at the Opera for $18.39 CAD (Reg $22.99 CAD) and Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon for $23.99 CAD (Reg $29.99). If you got a shiny new record player for Xmas, then you might want to check out their selection.

What do you think of these offers? Did you find any other great Boxing Day deals out there? Let us know in the comments!

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