Disney+, Privacy, and Alexa Echo Auto

The APP Show Video Podcast - Aug 25

In this week’s inaugural APP Show Video Podcast, we checked out some great apps and news from the app world. We discussed YouTube’s challenges differentiating between robots fighting and animals cruelty. We discuss online privacy with expert, Alejandra Brown. For the music nerds out there, you’ll want to check out our game app of the week. This and so much more on the APP Show Video Podcast from Sunday, August 25, 2019.

In case you want to jump ahead or jump around the APP Show Podcast, here are the timecodes below.

01:01 – In this week’s app news we talk about the new Disney Plus or Disney+ service, Facebook’s latest privacy app, and YouTube’s confusion around robot battles.

09:06 – Privacy expert, Alejandra Brown, talks to us about online privacy and what steps you can take to protect yourself.

18:02 – In this week’s app hot five, we cover the most useful food diary apps. Track everything you eat easily.

19:50 – For the iOS tip of the week, John covers Text Expand, which is an app that allows you to shorthand frequently used phrases, speeding up your texting.

23:11 – Amazon invades your car with their new Alexa Echo Auto device. John talks about his experience with this new voice assistant that lives in your vehicle.

32:57 – For this week’s game app of the week, AJ gives us Beat the Intro. It’s an app available for iOS that allows you to test your name that tune skills. The sooner you guess the song, the more points you get.

33:46 – John’s favourite app of the week is called What Three Words. It’s an app that can help first responders find exactly where you are on the planet in just three words.

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