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Global News Tech Talk - Apple Gifts 2019

On Today’s Global News Tech Talk, our wallets become a little lighter as we look at some of the latest Apple products. These are products that are geared toward creative professionals. At up to $7500, but handsomely equipped for around $3000, the new 16 Inch MacBook Pro is definitely a statement that your creative client work is going well. And while you are off to the next client meeting, the new AirPod Pros now feature silicone tips for more comfort, and noise cancellation, so you can be left to your own creative thoughts. As you organize those thoughts, you can also organize your cables with a selection of accessories from Hip Product Factory.

Here’s a rundown of all the products featured on Global News Tech Talk for Wednesday, November 20, 2019.

The new Apple MacBook Pro 16 is an evolution of the classic staple of creatives. You get a slightly larger screen, but also, more RAM, storage in the form of fast SSDs, and more powerful graphics and processors. One step backwards, in a good way, was the re-introduction of the original scissor keyboard. It was a feature that many people wanted and it has returned in this latest iteration. The Apple MacBook Pro 16 is handsomely equipped for around $2999 CAD but other more premium configurations are available.

Apple has also updated its AirPods. The new Apple AirPods Pro improves in three notable areas. In the comfort area, the new AirPods now come with silicone tips in three sizes. This should help them stay in and be more comfortable for longer listening sessions. The second thing added is active noise cancellation, so you can be immersed in your own music and thoughts. And if you often commute or walk around with them, the transparency mode lets in a little of the outside noise, so you can hear the truck barreling up behind you. The New AirPods Pro will cost you $329 CAD.

We showed how great artist create with the iPad Pro in a previous GetConnected Video Podcast. Now we’re showing off another new feature of the Apple iPad Pro 11. The sidecar capability is available on MacBook Pros running MacOS Catalina and connects with any iPad running the latest iOS software. While it’s not a feature that is specifically for the iPad Pro 11, it is a great device that now makes you more productive. The Apple iPad Pro 11 is available starting at $999 CAD.

With all these new Apple devices around the office or home office, you’re bound to have a cabling mess. That’s where these great products from Hip Product Factory come in.

The Ekko Phone Dock is available for $16.00 CAD and gives your phone a safe place to hang out. The stand can be stuck near an outlet and gives your charging cord a place to wrap around. Once in the dock, the Ekko also gives your phone up to a 10 dB volume increase.

The Lift for Second Screen is available for $11.00 CAD and gives your phone a place to hang out by your main laptop screen, so it’s never out of reach. You can clip it to the side of your screen or on top. The silicone material prevents scratching or damage.

The Bandit Cord Clip is available for $13.00 CAD and offers an easy way to coil up those charger cables for your laptop. And if you’re crunching large video or photo files, the ability to use it to prop up your laptop gives it better ventilation.

And finally, the Orbit Charging Stand is available for $16.00 CAD and gives you a clean and tidy way to manage your charging cable for your iPad or iPhone. It allows you to coil cable around, dock your power adapter, and plug the whole thing into a wall socket. There’s a spot on the top for your phone. Very handy for places like the kitchen or even the bathroom.

The best thing about Hip Product Factory is that all the products are designed right here in Vancouver, BC Canada.

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