In this week’s GetConnected Tech Talk on Global BC morning news, Mike was up bright and early to talk about Microsoft’s latest product announcements. He also shows off Dyson’s latest robotic vacuum.

Microsoft released a number of new products at a recent event, but the talk of the town was their new dual-screen device, which is scheduled to release during Holiday 2020. It’s a device that the Redmond, WA company claims is not a smartphone, but a new class of device that sits somewhere between a smartphone, and larger devices.

Mike also gives us a look at a new Wi-Fi enabled robotic vacuum on the block from the master of vacuums, Dyson. The new Dyson 360 Heurist robot vacuum is an update on the previous Dyson 360 robot vacuum and is improved in every way. Mike calls it a robotic vacuum tank, and that wouldn’t be too far off as the Dyson is one of few robot vacuums that employs tank treads to navigate your home.

The Dyson 360 Heurist is available for $1199 CAD and is currently available only from Dyson Canada.

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