Nerdy Kitchen Robots, Canadian Politics & More

The GetConnected Video Podcast for September 7, 2019

In our latest GetConnected Video Podcast, we’re covering nerdy kitchen technology that helps you cook like a pro. We’re also touching on Canadian Politics and an Alexa skill that will make you your very own mastermind thanks to the power of AI. All this and more on the September 7, 2019 edition of the GetConnected Video Podcast!

Your hosts this week are Mike Agerbo, John Biehler and AJ Vickery. Special guests this week include Erin Lawrence of and Shruti Shekar of MobileSyrup.

Here’s this week’s show rundown if you want to check out any segment directly!

01:03 – In this week’s news, Mike, John and AJ riff on some tech topics, including an issue Japan is struggling with on the subway.

06:45 – Erin Lawrence from helps us get acquainted with some nerdy kitchen gadgets, including a kitchen robot from Thermomix.

17:50 – We continue our chat with Erin Lawrence and cover more nerdy kitchen tech, including cameras that tell you what’s in your fridge, over the internet.

26:50 – We welcome Shruti Shekar from Mobile Syrup, who will be taking us through some of the hot tech topics in Canadian Politics.

34:10 – In this week’s Amazon Alexa skill of the week, John introduces Mastermind, which gives you AI powers on any voice-enabled device.

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