Makers, SDR & Back to School Gadgets

The GetConnected Video Podcast - Aug 24

In this weekend’s inaugural GetConnected Video Podcast, we covered a whole range of things. From the widespread Telus email problems to the new Matrix movie starring Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne Moss. How will that work? We also get extra nerdy with software-defined radio (SDR), see how makers are helping people with disabilities, and go back to school with this year’s top gadgets. This and much more on the GetConnected Video Podcast from Saturday, August 24, 2019.

In case you want to jump ahead or jump around, here are the timecodes below.

01:28 – In this week’s news we cover the Telus email outage issues and discuss the latest ‘The Matrix’ movie.

05:35 – We go back to school with tech expert, Marc Saltzman, to find out what he thinks is the gear to get for back to school.

18:25 – Chad Leaman, Director of Innovation at Makers Making Change talks to us about all the amazing things that makers have been doing to help enhance the lives of people with disabilities.

28:15 – We talk to tech expert Peter Vogel about software-defined radio or SDR. This tech lets you pull down data from weather satellites and aircraft to construct digital images.

34:49 – In this week’s Amazon Alexa skill of the week, we talk Mommy and Daddy Gram, a skill that helps kids cope with separation anxiety.

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