In this episode of GetConnected AT WORK hosts, Mike Agerbo and Chris Pereira, welcome restaurateur Brandon Grossutti. Brandon gives us an inside look at how he’s disrupting the food delivery service model. As restaurants cope with decreased capacity and lengthy shutdowns due to COVID-19, they’re forced to lean on predatory delivery services like SkipTheDishes, DoorDash, and UberEats. In an industry of razor thin margins, how do restaurants stay in business paying up to 30% commissions to delivery services? With 1.2 million Canadian jobs hanging in the balance, the food delivery service is no longer sustainable. Further, it erodes the relationships restaurants have with their customers, replacing them with impersonal online ordering and one-size-fits-all customer service.

As the founder of Vancouver’s popular PiDGiN restaurant and with a background in software development, Brandon is uniquely positioned to disrupt food delivery with his new service FromTo. With a planned expansion from a handful of restaurants to over a hundred across Canada in just a few months, Brandon gives us a look at everything from the business model to the technical considerations behind FromTo.

About Brandon Grossutti

Brandon Grossutti is the owner of popular Vancouver restaurant PiDGiN where he and his team create a seamless balance between casual and fine dining. Combining multiple cultures and cuisines, PiDGiN offers a unique dining experience in Vancouver’s east side. Drawing on his background in software, where he worked as a software architect and developer, Brandon has founded a different kind of food delivery services, called FromTo. With FromTo, he hopes to be part of the solution by providing restaurants with an affordable delivery service.

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