There are a ton of amazing audio companies out there. On this, Canada Day, I thought it would be good to recognize my favourite Canadian audio companies. So here is a list of my top 5 Canadian audio manufacturers and why I love them.

PSB Speakers – I first heard PSB several years ago. Their full dynamic sound can fill a room with rich acoustics. What drew me to them was their design. In an audio world filled with squared off speakers, PSB has a lot of beautiful rounded off speaker designs. The craftsmanship that would go in to this design has to be quite tedious. Over the years PSB has evolved. Their in ceiling and in wall speakers are robust and appear to be an amazing option for needing a lot of sound space filled while being in wall.

Totem – I remember going in to Bay Bloor Radio in Toronto and being instantly captivated by this design of a speaker that looked like it belonged in Back to the Future part 2. It was in this moment I was introduced to Totem. Their design is that of pure fashion and they sound incredible. Based in Montreal, Totem continues to amaze with both design and passion for audio.

Energy – Energy speakers are some of the most neutral and beautiful sounding speakers I have had the chance to audition (listen to). Future Shop developed a relationship with them in the mid 2000’s and we were all captivated by them. Energy became the benchmark on our sales floors for sound quality. These speakers do need some power to drive but the balance of sound they deliver is beyond words. They offer 3 levels of tower speakers, a 5.1 system and a variety of bookshelf speakers and subs that stands up to the best of themselves .

Anthem – The only non speaker company to be on this list. Anthem isn’t as big as companies like Denon or Yamaha, however their product is every bit as good. They offer an amazing array of AVR’s (Audio Visual Receivers) ranging from a 5.2 all the way to an 11.2 configuration. These receivers start at $1,600 and are worth every penny. Anthem also offers Pre Amplifiers and Amplifiers should you wish to go the route of running separates. Although this takes your investment to the next level, it will do the same to your audio experience.

Paradigm – There is no better speaker to round out this list. If you are Canadian and an audio fan then you know Paradigm. They offer a full lineup of speakers from in-wall solutions all the way to wireless subwoofers to help with placement and no messy wires. Their tower or ‘loudspeakers’ have always and will always be the benchmark of speakers in Canada. Paradigm have continued to grow and innovate without losing the basis of great sound. These speakers offer an amazing balance of home theatre excitement and beautiful musical balance. Originating just outside Toronto back in 1982, they gathered research from the National Research Council of Canada and started making speakers based on these findings. Their vision was to make premium speakers locally.


Canada is rich with audio manufacturers. Although they don’t get the same media attention as companies south of the border, there is no lack quality. If you are planning on building a surround sound for you living or even looking at a full theatre room then I suggest you look at the brands our great country has to offer.

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