Virtually speaking, CES 2021 was a difficult place to see what many companies have planned for release this year. A major player in those show and tells is the computer industry as a whole. It isn’t easy to check out how a laptop feels or sit in a gaming chair. Some companies saw this as an opportunity to innovate, and that’s exactly what Thermaltake has done this year at the first Virtual CES event.

As a Taiwanese company, Thermaltake has reached out to the world through live streaming events and virtual trade shows. With teams largely intact and working together due to Taiwan’s leadership in controlling COVID-19, they’ve been able to put together showcases for the public and private one on ones with media.

Cases and Cooling for PC Builders

As an innovator in the DIY computer building space, Thermaltake continues to be a thought leader in the space they helped grow over 20 years ago. They started with one single product called the Golden Orb, which was one of the first high-performance CPU coolers. At CES, they showed off products that reflect new trends and trends in PC building.

Notable products this year include the launch of their Tower 100 Mini Chassis, which is a case that is built to show off your build. The design of the case allows for easy navigation for both the seasoned and beginners. The case accommodates small performance oriented boards in the mini-ITX form factor, but it also fits the longest performance graphics cards available today.

For builders or upgraders looking for more cooling performance, a step up to their ToughAir series of CPU coolers brings increased performance, durability, and a more understated aesthetic. There are no RGB LEDs onboard but there is cooling performance.

For those searching for something more extravagant with higher capacity for overclocking, the new ToughLiquid ARGB Sync series gives you access to assignable RGB LEDs, compatible with most control systems on motherboards, but can also be operated from its own interface as well. They’ll be available in 240mm, 280mm and a massive 360mm radiator size for more ambitious builds and performance.

Increased Comfort & Performance

Thermaltake has a rich history of supporting eSports, especially in their native home of Taiwan. In the past they supported Internet Gaming Cafes, TV tournaments, and have their own online league broadcasting on Twitch and YouTube. This experience has brought them valuable feedback and their gaming peripherals, like mice, keyboards, headsets, and more, reflect the tastes, preference, and needs, of eSports athletes. For the rest of us, we get access to supremely comfortable, durable, and high performance gear that makes our work and gaming from home lives so much better.

Thermaltake’s new Argent series of peripherals feature new wired and wireless keyboards, mice and headsets, with RGB LED onboard for style and nighttime illumination.

The Argent W1 Wireless mechanical keyboard uses BlueTooth for connectivity but can also be wired with the included USB-C port. This also provides for charging of its internal battery. The keyboard is fairly compact, but unlike Ten-Key-Less (TKL) designs, it doesn’t omit the number pad. The keys use a mechanical switch that gives a satisfying click as your fingers dance across the replaceable keycaps. For comfort, the Argent W1 also features a built-in wrist wrest. If you are suffering from a notebook keyboard or still use the keyboard that came with your system, this is a worthy upgrade.

The Argent M5 comes in a wired or wireless design. But the compact size makes the wireless the one to go for. Solid clicks from the buttons and a wide metal scroll wheel make spreadsheets and games equally as satisfying. The wire-free design provides a drag-free experience, while the mouse’s size is perfect for taking with you in your notebook bag.

Rounding things out is the Argent H5 headset. Shown is the wired version, which combines high-quality drivers and a quality mic to make communications in your favourite game or your Zoom class easily understood. The mute button can also be accessed from the cable’s inline control, so you aren’t fumbling when it’s your turn to talk. We look forward to seeing the wireless version as well, which we hear has some tweaks for better wire-free performance.

If you’re watching the video above, you’ll also see a sneak preview of Thermaltake’s new gaming chair concept. It looks a lot like the ones used in the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule. According to Thermal Mike, it’s definitely very comfortable and earns the ‘space chair’ nickname he’s given it.

Gaming Gear Makes Working Fun

PC gamers have adapted extremely well to our current work from home arrangements. Gamers spend a lot of time at the keyboard in their favourite gaming chairs. Company’s like Thermaltake have thrived in this time because of what they offer to PC gamers, but also the overwhelming quality they provide above and beyond what standard office-grade peripherals, like keyboards, mice and headsets provide. Plus, they make you look like you’re the serious one that makes you look like you know what you’re doing in every Zoom meeting. That’s not a bad reputation to have.

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