The Dyson Lightcycle Morph was unveiled yesterday as the company’s latest lighting product. This new product continues its Lightcycle line of illumination products. Arriving in both a floor lamp and a desk lamp version, it features a number of interesting technologies that you’d expect from a high-end lighting product from Dyson.

The GetConnected team was on-site at the grand opening of the Dyson corporate store in Vancouver, BC Canada location, where the Lightcycle Morph was unveiled to us for the first time. We have an opportunity to interview one of Dyson UK’s engineers, Sam Burrows, on why this lamp demands your attention.

Similar to the current Dyson Lightcycle lamps, the Morph has intelligent local daylight tracking to adjust to the optimal illumination and personalize the light for the user. Due to the light arm’s ability to swing and rotate 360 degrees, it can transform from a task light, an indirect light, feature light and even ambient light simply by rotating the optical head back onto its base. When docked to the base, it illuminates the post with a soft glowing light that could easily be mistaken for a lightsaber.

The Lightcycle Morph’s motion and brightness sensors help conserve energy by adjusting the light levels to be consistent with your workspace. Furthermore, it can even adjust to your age, providing additional illumination needed.

The Lightcycle Morph also comes with a companion app that lets you connect to it via Bluetooth. Preferences, as well as slide touch controls on the top of the lamp, can be then accessed remotely. An integrated USB-C charger lets you charge your phone or any other device from the lamp itself, further adding to the value proposition. Unfortunately, it does not have WiFi, which means that Alexa or Google Assistant integration will not be possible.

One of the highlights of the Lightcycle Morph, which may serve to increase its value is the long life of the bulb. Thanks to water-cooled heat-pipe technology, the LED bulb is cooled optimally, which allows the unit to last at least 60 years. For those planning to keep the Lightcycle Morph beyond 60 years, unfortunately, the LED lighting module is not designed to be replaced.

The Dyson Lightcycle Morph will be released in both desktop and floor lamp editions. The desktop edition will retail for $849 CAD while the floor lamp version will come in at $1199 CAD. It’s available directly from Dyson Canada.

Do you think the features and the 60-year life span justify the price? Or will you be buying a new lamp well before it finally expires? Let us know in the comments below!

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