Sennheiser HD25
You can save $60 on the HD25s this month. If you’re lucky yours might look like this.

As a DJ the headphones I use in a gig need to have to specific features: they need to be lightweight with a coiled cable, I need to be able to listen comfortably with one ear so I can hear the live system and then switch to both ears so I can hear what I’m cueing without having to deal with background audio. 

I’ve been through a number of different models, but the gold standard for so many DJs is the HD25 from Sennheiser. The design and engineering has remained unchanged for decades, and for good reason: they fit the bill above, checking all of the boxes. 

Sennheiser HD25 Professional Headphones On Sale

Sennheiser HD25 with yellow ear cups
The unique logo and ear cups are available this month only, and by random chance.

I’ve had them in my cart a few times, but I finally pulled the trigger. Why? It’s Sennheiser’s 75th birthday, and they’re giving us all a present: the HD25 is $60 off, bringing it down from a reasonable $189 to a must-have $129.99 CAD. The sale runes for 9 more days, until June 30th 2020.

In addition to getting a great pair of headphones, you might be a lucky winner and get a special edition. For this month only Sennheiser is swapping out the well-known look of the HD25 with a retro edition in honour of their heritage. It’s the same headphones, but with the retro Sennheiser logo on the band and yellow ear cups in place of the traditional black leatherette. 

Recommended Accessories

Sennheiser HD25 Special Edition Box

The HD25 comes with a straight cable, so I opted to pick up a coiled replacement for when I’m spinning. You may also want to opt for a headphone carrying case: I don’t leave home without one. 

While it’s sad that Amazon hasn’t jumped on offering the deal, Best Buy (out of stock only at publishing time), Long & McQuade, and Tom Lee are all offering it, along with most smaller AV stores across Canada. Maybe give your local shops a call before you order online from big yellow and blue; small businesses could use your help now more than ever. 

I’ve used the HD25s in the past, so I can already tell you that they’re worth the money, but stay tuned for a more comprehensive look at them when they arrive. Fingers crossed that I get a retro pair!

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