New Features on Apple Devices

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC2019) is an exciting time for developers, but they’re not the only ones paying attention. Apple users tune in, too, because this show is part briefing and part marketing event, telling us what’s coming next on Apple’s sizeable list of platforms.Here’s what you need to know as a Canadian Apple customer:

Security Upgrades using HomeKit

HomeKit is getting some secure new options: they internet of things has been a problem for security as cheap and poorly secured devices have made our home networks vulnerable. Apple is trying to lock that down by adding a new framework for security cameras to prevent them broadcasting to the web, and they’re bringing HomeKit to routers. For a lot of users this isn’t a flashy, or sexy feature, but it is one that should be important to you. These are coming to Canada, so keep your eyes open for that new hardware.

Siri’s New Voice

AirPods are getting a neat new feature: they can announce messages and read them out to you as they arrive, and Siri will listen and follow contextual commands right after – that’s a huge jump forward for Siri. And speaking of Siri, it’s going to sound more normal soon; catching up with Alexa, Siri is getting Neural Text To Speech; it’s a nice upgrade that hopefully will make Siri more fun to use. These features are coming to Canada with the launch of iOS 13.

Do you have a favourite new feature from WWDC? Let us know!

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Graham Williams

Graham Williams

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