The Google Pixel series continues to be the standard-bearer for the Android platform. The Google Pixel 4a 5G is the latest upgrade to the previous 4 series Pixel phones. The main difference is the addition of the fastest mobile network technology onboard with the upgrade to the Qualcomm 765g chipset, which supports the 5G network technology.

Other upgrades include a new 6.2-inch OLED screen from the previous 5.8-inch size. To drive the screen is also a slight bump in battery size from 3140 mAh to 3885 mAh. The size increase makes the phone larger in hand, but it also gives the bigger phone space to fit stereo speakers.

For those upgrading from a previous Pixel 3, 2 and definitely an original Pixel series phone, this might deserve your attention. Unless you’re looking for more features, which you might find in the latest Google Pixel 5 5G. Our Pixel 5 5G unboxing video can be seen here.

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