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On Today’s Global News Tech Talk, John shows Sonia a couple of things that are perfect for photographers. Starting off with the biggest item, the new Nikon Z50 full-frame mirrorless camera features the company’s latest technology. And after shooting all those memories, you’ll need a place to back up those cards, so you can keep firing away. The WD MyPassport Wireless SSD comes in sizes up to 2TBs, and sucks up all those photos, so you can keep shooting.

Here’s a rundown of all the products featured on Global News Tech Talk for Monday, November 18, 2019.

For people who want the power of a large camera, but in a smaller body, the Nikon Z50 should be on your list. The Z50 uses the company’s latest full-frame mirrorless technology, which gives you the benefits of large DSLRs but in a much smaller package. This includes great low light performance and fast shutter speeds. The lenses for mirrorless cameras are also small compared to full-sized DSLR lenses and let you travel lighter. For those with an existing, arsenal of Nikon lenses, an optional adapter is available, allowing you to take advantage of your existing collection. The Nikon Z50 retails for around $1299 CAD and comes with a compact 16-50mm lens as shown. Camera body only options are available as well.

For those of us that like to shoot a lot of photos, you’ll run into a situation where you’ll run out of memory cards. Western Digital’s solution to this is the WD MyPassport Wireless SSD. It’s the perfect companion to any camera because it lets you back up your files, and re-use your cards for new photos. Just stick your SD cards into the drive, and it will magically suck them up into its internal SSD. The device also lets you access the photos from a smartphone or tablet via WiFi, letting you leave the laptop at home. The WD MyPassport Wireless SSD 500GB will set you back around $399 CAD. A 1TB and 2TB version is also available along with a smaller 250GB version.

What are some of the best photography gifts you’ve received? Let us know in the comments below!

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