In this week’s episode of GetConnected AT WORK, our hosts, Mike Agerbo and Chris Pereira, welcome Peter Croubalian, a member of the Career Services Team for the Masters of Management in Analytics program at McGill University to discuss the future of post-secondary education. As post-secondary institutions across Canada adapt programs for online learning, students grapple with questions about the future. With technology at the forefront of the evolving post-secondary education landscape, how will the new challenges this presents affect students?

In this candid conversation, Peter shares how students can get the most value from an online education and what they can do to prepare to enter the workforce. We also discuss the future of post-secondary education and new trends that will shape career training.

About Peter Croubalian

To say Peter didn’t follow a normal path would be an understatement. With experience in Experiential Marketing, Banking, Marine, Power, Aviation, Artificial Intelligence, and now Education; he has never been scared to try new things and push his boundaries.

That said, there is one thing that remains constant in Peter’s life, and that’s giving back to emerging professionals. Over the years, he’s helped mentor and teach them to be ready for the job market.

Students can find Peter on LinkedIn

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