Wearable Tech: The Embr Wave, Misfit Shine 2, and Basslet

Wearable technology is becoming more popular as we become more connected. Wearable jewelry is typically produced to look like jewelry, but these wearables usually have a complex weave of batteries and tech-laced sensors. On today’s Tech Talk, Mike Agerbo chats about the Embr Wave, the Basslet, and the Misfit Shine 2, three wearables you will want to get your hands on!

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The Embr Wave is a “personal thermostat” that regulates body temperature by warming you up and cooling you down according to the adjustment of its settings. Using thermoelectric technology designed by grads at MIT, the Embr Wave is controllable through the app on iPhone or Android. It’s best suited for those who experience rapid body temperature drops and increases. This wearable could help you stay warm in a chilly office or relieve a hot flash, all from this little device on your wrist.

The Misfit Shine 2 is an example of a great starter fitness tracker. It records biometric data like distance walked, activity intensity, and sleep quality. By syncing to the app on your smartphone, Misfit translates your data into digestible charts and integrates easily with other health tracking apps. It works like a smart watch without the distraction of touch screens or noises. All alerts and notifications are gentle vibrations and elegant light sequences, so we recommend this device for those who enjoy simplicity and minimalist design. It is swim-proof and battery powered, so once you put it on, you can just leave it on for 6 months without needing to charge it.

Not all wearables have to do with biometric data. The Basslet is a wearable subwoofer that allows the wearer to feel the beat of the music they’re listening to. Audio enthusiasts and musicians alike can enjoy an expanded sensory experience by literally feeling the baseline through their wrist while listening to a song. This might be a gadget to consider as a gift for the composer, songwriter, dancer, or die-hard audiophile in your life.

Read more about wearable technology here.

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