The Future of Smart Clothing

Wearable technology is much more than fitness tracking and aesthetically pleasing subwoofers, it can also include clothing! On this week’s Tech Talk, Mike Agerbo chats about the Revival Hoodie, Vessi shoes, and the Welt Belt, three smart clothing options that could soon find their way into your closet.

Want to make a statement at a music festival this summer? The Revival Hoodie uses fibre optic lighting technology to light up the entire piece of clothing, controlled over Bluetooth. The Revival Hoodie is a great option for those who love the versatility of fibre optic lighting as more companies try different ways to incorporate tech into clothing.

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Vessi Footwear is a local Vancouver-based company that creates waterproof footwear! Using flash knit technology, Vessi has created a completely waterproof shoe that is breathable, can be worn during all seasons, and are very stylish. These shoes are perfect for those who live active everyday lifestyles in wet locations.


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With easier access to unhealthy foods, weight gain is a common and long-lasting health challenge. The Welt Belt uses built-in smart technology, i.e. a sensor that is built into the traditional belt clasp and tracks the measurement of your waist in real time. The Welt Belt is connected to its companion app via Bluetooth, and measures movement and consumption to determine fluctuations in waist size. The idea behind this technology is to have an accurate depiction of what movements and foods negatively or positively affect your body in real time.

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