Car Accessories for Your Mobile Office

As technology enables remote working for more professions outside of real estate, insurance, and sales, more and more professionals use their car as a mobile office. On today’s Tech Talk, Mike Agerbo talks about the car accessories that will keep your mobile workspace organized on the road.

Featured Products

The AutoExec Roadmaster and the AutoExec Wheelmate bring a whole new definition to the mobile workplace. The AutoExec Roadmaster is a car desk meant to support an on-the-go lifestyle, keeping your files and gadgets contained in one tidy unit. It fits right into the passenger’s seat with a desk surface that can be positioned to extend right in front of the driver for ease of use. Options are available for cars, trucks, and even back seats.

The AutoExec Wheelmate attaches to a car steering wheel, converting any steering wheel into a work or eating surface. It is ideal for anyone who wants to make their mobile workplace as comfortable and convertible as possible. Do not use these tools while driving, of course! AutoExec also carries a selection of other car-office organization accessories, including a Laptop Disabler for distraction-free driving.

The Keyport Pivot is an extremely handy and affordable gadget that keeps your tools, keys, USB drive, pen and other little attachments like a flashlight in one spot. Additional attachments and modular tool sets are available to fully customize your Keyport Pivot. It also comes with a 2 year subscription to their proprietary online lost-and-found service. If you have a tendency to lose your keys, the KeySmart with Tile ($26.99 CDN on Amazon) is another similar option that we’d suggest.

The CHOETech Wireless Car Charger combines a wireless car charger with a car phone mount. This ensures extra physical security for your phone and a simultaneous charge, so you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road without fumbling with ugly charging cords.

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