Using technology to help us sleep can almost seem counter-intuitive. Surely sleeping is one of the most natural things in the world, something that we all do without even thinking about it? Sadly, not. Insomnia is a rising concern in the modern world, particularly with stress, screens and a whole host of other problems getting in the way of us catching some ZZZs. Luckily, there are a great range of innovative products that can help you to drift into dreamland, some of which may surprise you.

Sound+Sleep high fidelity sleep sound machine

Sound machines have long been a trusty companion for the insomniac when earplugs just won’t cut it. This sleep sound machine can be personalized to your needs, with 64 built-in sound ‘environments’ designed to help you sleep better. It also adapts to the ambient noise of your room and can be connected to headphones if you don’t want to disturb the person sleeping next to you.

Dodow sleep machine

This little gadget is designed to teach you how to sleep better, the idea being that eventually you won’t need to use gadgets! The Dodow sleep machine combines a metronome and a light system that guides you into sleep, with the help of breathing exercises and meditative practices. It’s a small, wireless device that you can place on your nightstand and it projects a calming blue light, which gently pulses for eight minutes. The idea is to breathe along with it until you’re relaxed enough to fall asleep.  You can use the Dodow as a learning tool and with time and regular practice, you should develop a healthier sleeping pattern.

Homni alarm clock

Developed alongside the European Sleep Center, the Homni alarm clock has loads of features to help you sleep better. With four built-in sensors, it can analyze the temperature, noise levels, light level and humidity of your room, letting you review the information so you can understand what your ideal sleep conditions are. It monitors your sleep and gives you a comprehensive analysis of your sleep cycles and body movement. It also has a Bluetooth speaker, its own lighting system and USB charging ports.

Embr Wave bracelet

Did you know that our body temperature also has an effect on how well we sleep? Everyone’s optimum sleeping temperature is different but luckily with the Embr Wave bracelet it’s possible to control your body temperature to help you drift off to sleep.  By providing the inside of your wrist with either hot or cold sensations, it helps your body get to the most comfortable temperature for snoozing. 

chiliPAD Sleep System

If you want to add some technology to your bed without investing in a pricey smart mattress, try the chiliPAD Sleep System. The idea is to lower your body temperature, which has been scientifically proven to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. This mattress topper slips between your sheet and your mattress and works by having cool water circulated through the pad. Best of all, since we all fall asleep at different body temperatures, the chiliPAD can produce different temperatures on each side of the bed, so your partner can do what’s right for them also.

10minds Motion Pillow

Snoring can greatly decrease both you and your partner’s quality of sleep. The 10minds Motion Pillow is an amazing tool to stop snoring and boasts a whole host of innovative features. It has a built in microphone, which listens for your snoring and when it hears it, will move your head via inflating and deflating airbags to help you breathe better. This clever pillow also connects to an app and tracks your head movement so it can get smarter, as well as showing you how your sleep has improved.

Casper Glow lights

These adorable nightlights can imitate the light of the rising sun to help ease you into morning, rather than being jerked awake by a loud alarm. The accompanying app lets you program your wake up and bedtimes and customize how long the dimming and brightening functions last. It sits on a charging plate, meaning it never runs out of battery but is also portable – perfect for a midnight trip to the bathroom or guiding you to the kitchen on a dark winter morning.

Thanks to these gadgets, sleeping well has never been so easy! Check out some of this surprising sleep technology and you can be sure to be having a better night’s snooze in no time.

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