Health and wellness tech is a hot theme in 2019 and the devices are becoming ever more accessible. You may be familiar with tech for healthy eating, sleep hygiene, or exercise tutorials, but these three unique gadgets will help you breathe easier.

Featured Products

The Atmo Tube Pro* is a portable air quality monitor that measures levels of dust, pollen, soot, and mould, temperature, and humidity in real time. Get alerts about incoming weather changes through its built-in weather station. This pocket-sized gadget is perfect for those who are sensitive to weather changes and air pollution around where they live, work, and play. The Atmo Tube Pro would make a great gift for the allergy sufferer in your life. It will be available to purchase in June 2019.

If you want to set up a stationary air quality monitor in a particular room, consider the Awair 2. The pleasing minimalist design displays your air quality score and tracks the improvement or reduction of air quality over time. Monitor air quality changes on the device face or companion app (available for iOS and Android). Connect your Awair with Nest to turn on a fan, or set a reminder with IFTTT to replace your air filters. This smart gadget is compatible with Amazon Echo and many other smart home devices. Awair is ready to improve your overall health and productivity at home or in the office.

Now that you know the quality of air filling your lungs, take a deep breath with the Muse 2.This a brain fitness tool and wearable meditation headband monitors real-time bio feedback like heart rate, body movements, brain activity, and breathing through built-in sensors. By adjusting to your EEG data, the Muse 2 guides you through a customized meditation experience in the companion app. Muse’s elegant brain-sensing technology has been used for clinical brain research projects in trusted institutions worldwide.