I get into the office at 8:30 in the morning with the best intentions.  I have a list of tasks that I am ready to crush by the end of the day.  I sit down ready to conquer the world, I check an email, the phone buzzes a couple of times and then I need to google that one thing that has been driving me nuts.  What seems like 10 minutes is really 11:30 and then it’s panic time. My problem? Focus.

Enophone   has been studying how the brain reacts to distractions both internal and external for the last 4 years and has developed a product using sound and music to help our train our brains to focus better.  These audio tracks were put together in partnership with Neuroscientists and musicians.

That brings us to their recently launched Enophone headphones. Enophone says this device integrates the work they’ve done on how we focus in an over-the-ear headphone design.  This model connects to your devices with Bluetooth 5.0, with audio design from Onkyo; usually known for their well-respected line of amplifiers and receivers, Onkyo gives these headphones some street cred, and some smart technology, like cVc Noise Cancellation.

The headphone market is packed with mid-range and premium models with wallet-draining prices, so the story here doesn’t revolve solely around good audio; Enophone’s claim here is that they can measure the data in your brain and will change the music selection that has been carefully put together to help your brain refocus. It does this with 4 small EEG (electroencephalogram) meters that project from the headband and rest on your head while you’re listening. They claim that these EEG sensors will help track your attention, mind wandering, fatigue, and more.  This data is then gathered and you can track how well you were able to focus in a given session as well as monitor how many times you started to wander and were brought back.

It’s an interesting concept, and while the Enophones look sleek as headphones, the question of how comfortable they’ll be with metal prods poking your scalp remains. And there’s the question of whether you’d wear them out in public; if you’ve got a full head of hair they’ll disappear into it, but if you don’t… well, the picture they’ve shared looks like a science experiment. 

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