Personal Networking: TP-Link Deco M4, Kwilt 3 & RavPower Filehub

You’re stuck on transit, with no access to your phone to let a friend know you’re going to be a little later than you thought. Or, you’re on a work trip in London ready to book a meeting with a client, but you have no access to wifi to do so. Personal networking is key to keeping on top of all your daily required tasks. There are many gadgets that increase your productivity while still keeping you connected to the ones you love!

Featured Products

The TP-Link Deco M4 is a low-cost alternative to other Mesh Wi-Fi Systems, offering full home coverage (up to 5,500 square feet coverage with the 3-Pack). TP-Link offers the Deco M4 as a 1-pack or 2-pack, but with the more mesh endpoints you purchase, the more coverage you have in your home. Our personal favourite feature is self healing, where it will reconfigure automatically and continue to provide seamless connectivity despite a failure.

The RAV Power FileHub is an inexpensive need while you’re on the go. The pocket-size device essentially provides a file hub, portable router, and battery pack. It is essential for on-the-go data transfer or charging with the external battery. You can choose to transfer files wirelessly or use the ethernet port to connect to the internet.

Access and stream content on your own cloud… why not? The Kwilt 3 is your own personal cloud storage (giving you access to all of your uploaded photos, videos, or other files without worry). The Kwilt is an affordable personal hub which is easy to connect to and provides a quick transfer of files.

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