It’s Here! The Samsung Galaxy Fold

Mike Agerbo brings a first look of the Samsung Galaxy Fold on today’s Tech Talk segment at Global News! The Galaxy Fold boasts 512GB memory + 12 GB RAM, stereo speakers sound by AKG, wireless charging (reverse charging as well), and when purchased, comes with a pair of wireless Galaxy Buds.

Did you know: before choosing the final hinge, Samsung tested 200 different prototypes?

When closed, the Galaxy Fold screen measures 4.6 inches, and when opened, it measures 7.3 inches. The versatile use of the Galaxy Fold makes it a great productivity tool for those on the go! The split-screen feature allows the Samsung Galaxy Fold to become a mini desktop, as multiple apps can be opened on multiple windows when using the front screen. The Samsung Fold also possesses an intelligent six-camera system, with three cameras in the back (12 MP ultra wide, 16MP wide-angle, and 12MP telephoto camera), two inside the phone (10MP selfie camera, 8MP RGB depth), and one on the front of the phone (10MP selfie camera).

The public release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold has been delayed indefinitely.

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