With the launch of the iPhone 12 line of smartphones, Apple has stopped including a few key accessories in the box. We take a look at some options from Logiix that fills that void as well as some new case options that also work with the new Magsafe wireless charging system in the iPhone 12 line.

The biggest gap to be filled would be the charging block and wired ear buds. Logiix has their Essentials Kit that includes their version of both items.

If you want something with a little more power that also doubles as a charger for your USB-C based laptop (like a MacBook), there are the Power Plus 30 and Power Plus 65 chargers.

Tired of white earbuds? Check out the TuneFreqs Jolt which come in black or silver.

Finally, there is a selection of clear Air Guard cases as well as silicone options in a variety of colours.

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