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E-Bike Test Rides & Cloud Storage

Season 12 Episode 2 In this episode of GetConnected, Andy Baryer test drives an E-bike, while the guys review the best in cloud storage. Plus, Alyssa reviews her favourite location-based apps. Tune in to this week’s episode for this and

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Is Fun For Your Kids…& For You Too!

Buy it for your kids, play it yourself. You might laugh now, but Animal Crossing: New Leaf is that addictive little title that may see you buying a second Nintendo 3DS XL just for you. Here’s a little history: Animal

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We’ve Seen The Galaxy Note 3, And It Is Good 0

Getting your hands on a Galaxy Note 3 is a familiar experience: it feels big, just like the Note 2 and the Note 1. Unlike its older brothers, the Note 3 feels faster, smoother, and more polished than ever before.

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ESRB: The Video Game Ratings You Need To Know

When it comes to buying games for your kids there’s a ratings system that’s designed to make sure you’re doing it right. There’s been a lot made of whether or not violent video games cause violence, but the real point

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