July looks to be a busy month for some great titles to be hitting Netflix. I am going to share with you which ones I am most excited for and why.

July 1st is going to start off with a bang:

Unsolved Mysteries makes a return to TV after a number of years. It seemed like that’s all that was on TV in the 80s. It will be reborn by the creators of the original series as well as the creators of Stranger Things.

Lord of War was an amazing movie about the business of dealing arms both to government and freedom fighters. This was probably Nick Cage’s last great movie. The movie does a great job of showing the balance between living in a dangerous world and trying to be a part of a normal family

Stand by Me originally aired in 1986 and is an absolute staple from that era. 4 boys set off on an adventure to find the body of a local boy who has been missing for days. I’m excited to watch this again based on the cast and how young they were.

The Italian Job is also coming to Netflix. This movie is in my top 5 of all time. Great car movie depicting the revival of the MINI Cooper and heist that is based on betrayal. Great movie!

July 6th:

Crazy Rich Asians hits Netflix. I have not seen it yet but it has been on my list. I have heard nothing but great things about both the cast and the story. The life of a monetarily normal person marrying in to a family of extreme wealth.

July 21st:

IP Man4: The Finale is launching. This is a series of movies that are so much fun to watch on the big screen. Incredible hand to hand combat. A great martial arts movie is tough to beat.

July 23rd:

Sons of Anarchy; Seasons 3 -7. This series is widely regarded as one of the best. Although not overly family appropriate there is no shortage of action and suspense. If you are ‘binge watcher’ of shows then this needs to hit your list.

July 27th:

Elysium finally makes its way to Netflix. Released in 2013, this movie takes place in a dishevelled 2154 where there are two very distinctive classes of citizens. This is the story of one person’s desire to change their situation. A Great audio/visual movie for those of you with a  surround sound.

July 31st:

Umbrella Academy Season 2. I loved the first season of this show. Showing the vulnerability and scars that being a superhero can take on someone was eye opening. The cast for this show was brilliant and the depiction of disfunction was was perfect. I can’t wait for this one.

For a complete list of what’s coming and going in July, Have a look at the article Mobile Syrup posted.

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