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Tech for Travel: Organized, Hydrated, and Translated

Our team is in Paris for the launch of the Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro this week, so Kris Stoyanova brought items that every traveller or professional on the go can appreciate. Wear the Ili

Wearables: Implantable Tech

Some wearable tech seems like science fiction (and is often inspired by it) but is available to use today. Implantables are exactly what you’d think: a type of “wearable” technology that is implanted right into your body.

Wearables: Glasses

Navigating our world with just a smartphone has its limitations. Going beyond that, smart glasses is one path to our augmented reality future. Pushing notifications to a display you wear has the lofty goal of being

Wearables: Smart Clothing

As manufacturers create new devices and sensors that can be integrated into our clothing, the types of activities that can be tracked increases. This allows for better data gathering and ultimately better insight into the activities you are doing and informing the goals you have. They can even protect you from harm. But sometimes wearable technology is just fun to wear.

Wearables: Jewelry

As sensors and microprocessors get smaller and we move away from one device to do everything (like our smartphones), designers are coming up with more creative ways of helping us improve our lives with technology we carry with us all the time.