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The APP SHOW for September 9, 2019

Cord-Cutters, Chinese Smart Speakers, and more!

In this week’s APP Show Video Podcast, we talk about finally cutting the cord.

Smarter Home Security

This week we featured a number of products to increase your home security. The
Apple Special Edition of the GetConnected Video Podcast

A Very Apple Podcast, Plus Robot Cats from Germany

In this special early edition of the GetConnected Video Podcast, we’re opening our wallets

Gears of War 5 – Can Xbox Get out an Exclusive Hit?

Can xbox get out a hit with its latest release in the Gears of War franchise?

HP 14″ Chromebook & News

John discusses with Sonia the latest Facebook breach, deepfakes affecting companies & a new HP Chromebook
The GetConnected Video Podcast for September 7, 2019

Nerdy Kitchen Robots, Canadian Politics & More

In our latest GetConnected Video Podcast, we’re covering nerdy kitchen technology that helps you
The APP Show Video Podcast - Sept 1 2019

App-Less Ubers, a OnePlus TV & Pokemon ‘Stay’?

In this week’s APP Show Video Podcast, we cover Uber’s new app less ride-hailing

Tech Talk: Podcasting 101

John shares with Sonia the Rodecaster Pro Podcast Production Studio and the Rode NT1-A microphones

Back to School tech, Telus Email Outage & More

The video podcast of our weekly GetConnected radio show
The APP Show Video Podcast - Aug 25

Disney+, Privacy, and Alexa Echo Auto

In this week’s inaugural APP Show Video Podcast, we checked out some great apps
The GetConnected Video Podcast - Aug 24

Makers, SDR & Back to School Gadgets

In this weekend’s inaugural GetConnected Video Podcast, we covered a whole range of things.

Unpacking the Latest from Samsung

During Samsung’s annual ‘Unpacked’ event, which took place in Brooklyn, New York, the company
scooters at global tv

Two New Electric Scooters

Mike and Sonia try out some new electric scooters.

Tech Talk: High tech gadgets for back to school

Mike Agerbo shares the latest from Apple for Back to School including MacBook Air

Two New 3D Printers

Mike & John share the latest 3D printers from Monoprice and Delta, BC based Tinkerine

Focals By North : Next Generation Smart Glasses

The future is here - Notifications from your phone, right in front of your eye, that only you can see in a pair of glasses. They are called Focals by Canadian company, North.

Wireless Earbud Showdown

On this week's Tech Talk on the GlobalTV Noon News, Mike Agerbo compares four different sets of wireless (bluetooth) earbuds.

Summer Photography

We share some of the latest cameras for outdoor action photography this summer.

Visiting Huawei in Shenzhen, China

The Get Connected team traveled to Shenzhen, China to tour Huawei's campuses and learn how their products are made.

New Tech From Amazon

More and more e-readers are showing up at the beach, at swimming pools, and

Father’s Day Gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and there’s no better time to tell

Touring Huaqiangbei – the electronics markets of Shenzhen

One of the highlights of visiting Shenzhen is Huaqiangbei. It's the world's largest electronics marketplace. The entire district is dedicated to building after building of small stalls with vendors offering everything from basic components to finished products at wholesale prices - or less as you will almost always want to negotiate the final price.

Unique Low-Cost Tech from Shenzhen

The GetConnected Team is back from Shenzhen and we’ve got some low-cost pieces of

The iPad Will Soon Have its Own OS

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC2019) is an exciting time for developers, but they’re not

iTunes is Dead. Long Live iTunes.

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC2019) is an exciting time for developers, but they’re not

The New Mac Pro Is Not a $11,000 Cheese Grater

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC2019) is an exciting time for developers, but they’re not the

New Features on Apple Devices

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC2019) is an exciting time for developers, but they’re not the

Oh Canada! What Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference Means For Canadians

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC2019) is an exciting time for developers, but they’re

TimeFlip Review

Review by Myranda Wicks GetConnected saw the TimeFlip device at CES 2019, so we

3 Wellness Gadgets to Help You Breathe Easier

Health and wellness tech is a hot theme in 2019 and the devices are

Upgrade Your Streaming Experience with Amazon

More and more people are listening to music on streaming platforms like Spotify, Google

Personal Networking: TP-Link Deco M4, Kwilt 3 & RavPower Filehub

You’re stuck on transit, with no access to your phone to let a friend

It’s Here! The Samsung Galaxy Fold

Mike Agerbo brings a first look of the Samsung Galaxy Fold on today’s Tech

Tech Talk: New from Apple

On this week’s Tech Talk, Mike Agerbo brings Global News an exclusive look at

Car Accessories for Your Mobile Office

As technology enables remote working for more professions outside of real estate, insurance, and

Huawei P30 Pro and Huawei Watch GT on Tech Talk

On this week’s Tech Talk, John Biehler brings us an exclusive look at the newly released

Hit it: AirPods 2, Hey Siri, and a Personal Touch

What do the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, and Apple Watch all have in

Tech for Travel: Organized, Hydrated, and Translated

Our team is in Paris for the launch of the Huawei P30 and Huawei

Wearables: Implantable Tech

Some wearable tech seems like science fiction (and is often inspired by it) but is available to use today. Implantables are exactly what you’d think: a type of “wearable” technology that is implanted right into your body.

Wearables: Glasses

Navigating our world with just a smartphone has its limitations. Going beyond that, smart

The Future of Smart Clothing

Wearable technology is much more than fitness tracking and aesthetically pleasing subwoofers, it can

Wearables: Smart Clothing

As manufacturers create new devices and sensors that can be integrated into our clothing, the types of activities that can be tracked increases. This allows for better data gathering and ultimately better insight into the activities you are doing and informing the goals you have. They can even protect you from harm. But sometimes wearable technology is just fun to wear.

Wearable Tech: The Embr Wave, Misfit Shine 2, and Basslet

Wearable technology is becoming more popular as we become more connected. Wearable jewelry is

Wearables: Jewelry

As sensors and microprocessors get smaller and we move away from one device to do everything (like our smartphones), designers are coming up with more creative ways of helping us improve our lives with technology we carry with us all the time.

Get Upright with this Posture Correction Wearable

Get Upright by Rav Lekh GetConnected saw the Upright posture training device at CES