This week marks the beginning of Apple WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference). An event that most people in our industry mark on the calendars.  This year will be a bit different.

Here we go

This year’s conference will be entirely digital thanks to COVID-19 and it all kicks off today at 1PM EST / 10AM PST. This is an amazing thing. It used to be that we would all have to wait till after certain sessions to see what’s coming out. This year however it is all going to be streamed.  This means that anyone can sit in on the action. You are welcome to watch them yourself or follow along with us as we cover it from start to finish.

Be there virtually

The Keynote is today at 1PM EST and then through the week you will be able to see engineering sessions and developer forums. The event runs from today until the 26th of June. There is no shortage of topics for this week. iOS 14 will be in the lime light as well as the move to ARM processors from the traditional intel. It is rumoured that the new Mac Pro and MacBook pro will be the first to see them.

What needs to change

Although Apple has done an amazing job with iOS and all the pieces that make up their ecosystem, there can always be improvements. An article written by our own Graham Williams entitled “Five technologies Apple must improve in 2020 “ outlines some of these areas. As the world slowly starts to integrate with each other, it will be crucial for apple to follow suit.

What are you most looking forward to out of this week? What is the one piece of the puzzle you would like to see added to apple’s arsenal of technology goodies? I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!  Leave a comment below and let’s follow WWDC together.

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