Yesterday Ford announced the new F-150. In the last few years, Ford has refocused itself on being more of a tech company than a car company. Ford was one of the first to start developing Apps that would work congruently with rideshare programs. Apple car play was an early adoption from Ford a few years ago. Remote start and other services were also quick to be picked up by the brand. The F-150 launch is no different.

It is no surprise that Ford will be making available a ‘hands-free’ driving feature. This technology is past its infancy, and it was only a matter of time before it went mainstream. The feature will show up in the upcoming Mach-E electric due next year, and it seems as if it will start to find its way through the rest of the lineup.

Device Integration

Apple CarPlay is making a slight change for Ford this year. In the past, Apple CarPlay was available only through connection with cable. I realize this may seem outdated for what’s on the market now, however, remember they were one of the first to have it. Unlike companies like BMW, in a Ford, Apple CarPlay in embedded in the vehicle itself. The launch of the F-150 will see this service like Android Auto be moved to a wireless solution as well.

Hybrid F-150

The biggest news, in my opinion, is seeing Ford launch a hybrid version of the F-150. For years, diesel has been the solution for a truck if you wanted excellent torque and decent mileage. Although it is not yet a full electric, the hybrid assist will help with the overall fuel economy and provide a significant boost in torque and acceleration. The follow up to this will be the launch of an all-electric F-150 scheduled for 2022.

I have had the pleasure of working for a great Ford Store in Ontario, and it has been fascinating watching them not shy away from taking a technological leap of faith. I am looking forward to seeing how it goes.

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