Yammer – the corporate twitter

I recently stumbled back upon Yammer.com and was pleasantly surprised by my reunion with it. My initial experience with the social media website was good, but it happened at a time before I could fully appreciate what it had to offer.

Yammer.com offers a twitter like feed to companies, organizations and groups.  People can sign up for an account and then invite others from their company to join their group. Everyone who joins the group provides updates on what they are working on, as well as feedback on the work of the other group members (if they request it). It’s like a twitter stream that only your company/group can see.

In my case, I’ve set up a yammer group for the massive executive team and our advisory board. The members of the massive team  update the yammer feed throughout the day with important notes on about what we are working on and the advisors are encouraged to provide comments/feedback on it. In our case, as we are preparing for the massive tech show in 2010, we are looking to the advisors to provide insight on speakers to target, the venue, and whether or not to refresh the brand.

Since we are not able to get together on a regular basis, its an effective solution for getting their feedback. In summary, Yammer.com might just be the next big thing for creating a collaborative environment in your workplace. And did I mention…It’s free 🙂

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